Pro CFO4U, Inc.   "Your Trusted Alternative to a full time CFO/COO"
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Cash Flow IncreaseNVA Cost Reduction Profit GrowthCustomer & Employee Retention

Would you like to see improvements in all the above metrics for your business?

Does your company produce 'Trust dividends' or pay 'Trust taxes'?
Can you honestly view your company from a 'distant' perspective?
Do you want to lead your business to the next level?

For many companies, a full-time CFO/COO is not practical, because money doesn't grow on trees.
But as you know, the role of a CFO/COO is critical!

"Pro CFO for YOU" stands ready with the experience, integrity & concern to help you succeed.
Unlike a full-time CFO/COO, You can leverage just the services you need from week to month to year.

  Your results: financial focus, improved revenue, profits, cash flow & operational efficiency.

How Can 'Pro CFO4U' Help your organization?

Businesses don't plan to fail, ... They just fail to plan.

The only constant in business today is "Change".
You need to stay ahead & look forward. Don't go it alone. Work with a trusted expert.

                     I AM ...
  • A Proven Change Agent
  • A Conductor crossing all disciplines
  • A Bridgebuilder and Destroyer of walls
  • An Editor, helping refine best practices
  • A Devil's Advocate & Sounding board
  • An 'outside the box' Thinker
  • A Navigator focused on your future
  • A Watchdog, protecting your interests
  • A Strategist, not merely a tactician
  • & eventually, a Trusted Friend!

      I am NOT ...
             an Accountant
             a Bookkeeper
             a CPA focused on your taxes
             a Controller
             a 'Yes' man
             a Full-time expensive employee w/benefits

      I do NOT ...
             Sit in the caboose of the train
             Look at policies, procedures & rules as absolute
             Think in terms of black & white
             Focus merely on the past, where you have been
             Sit behind a desk solely focused on accounting
      Do you have anyone helping you like this?

      Call 781-956-2706 or e-mail: (link)
      For your complimentary Pro CFO4U Wellness Profile of your business (a $600 value).

      "Opposition is a natural part of life. We develop our character by accepting challenges & overcoming adversity."
      Stephen R. Covey

      "Time is the measure   of business"
      Francis Bacon Sr.

      Just as Actions speak louder than words,  Your time is more valuable than money.  Strive for
      "Proper Perspective"
      at home, work & your community. Be a Complete Leader.

      "It is our choices that show who we truly are, far more than our abilities."
      J.K. Rowling (author)

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